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Podere Agrituristico Luchiano offers local specialities such as extra-virgin olive oil, flower honey and green table olives in brine. These products are produced and processed at the estate and directly sold to the consumers.

Extra-virgin olive oil

Luchiano extra-virgin olive oil is obtained from about 2,000 olive trees. The olive grove is planted with Leccino, Frantoio and Morraiolo, varieties produced and selected by the nursery of C.N.R. in Perugia.

The olives are picked in the very first days of November, earlier than is usual. As a result the fruit is rich of chlorophyll and therefore maintains a low acidity level. At the oil-mill, the olives are processed by the traditional method of cold pressing, which is the best method to obtain high quality -extra virgin- oil.

Flower honey

The hives are placed in an optimal position on a travertine platform, sheltered from the wind. In June and September the honey is removed from the combs by centrifugation in the honey extractor. The honey has an intense perfume of broom and tastes soft, round and velvety.

Green Table Olive in Brine

The Ascolana olives, obtained from about 100 trees, are very big, dull green and fleshy olives. They are harvested in 3 subsequent rounds in October, to achieve perfect ripeness. 

The olives are processed without chemical treatments; they are just preserved in slightly salty water during the first 20-30 days, until the water becomes clear; then they are washed with successive brine baths to remove the bitterness that is typical of the fresh fruit. 

The olives can be tasted in June-July of the year following the harvest. They are called "olive all'acqua" (olives in water) or "olive del mietitore" (reaper's olives), the latter name indicating the season of degustation.

Fruit, vegetables, nuts and herbs

On the estate also grow several fruit- and nut trees, including quinces, persimmons, walnuts and hazelnuts. There also is a vegetable garden and around the house you find almost all green herbs like chives, mint, sage and rosemary.