Rome Luchiano


Rome: the Eternal City, the Navel of the World. It's just impossible to reveal its hundreds of churches, monuments, museums, parks and other attractions here. Fortunately there are many other sources available. If you go visit Rome, make a clear choice in advance of what you want to visit. Otherwise you will be overwhelmed by the wealth of this beautiful city.

But above all you have to discover Rome. Because the historic city is very compact, you can do almost everything on foot. The subway and the many buses make sure you quickly can travel over longer distances. To get to Rome, take the train instead of the car. From Orte train station (20 minutes from Luchiano), the train will take you in one hour to Roma Termini, the central station of the city.

Distance from Podere Luchiano: Orte ca. 20 km / 25 minutes by car, from there ca. 1 hour by train to Roma Termini.