During the imperial period, Carsulae was one of the most important Roman towns in Umbria. It was built on a plateau south of Todi and west of Spoleto. The ruins have been excavated in the eighteenth century by the Vatican.

Carsulae lays on the Via Flaminia, an important antique road that led from Rome to Rimini and the Adriatic Sea. The Via Flaminia was constructed around 220 BC. and the city also arose around this time. Due to its location on the busy east-west route, Carsulae soon became a major city.

The city was suddenly abandoned, probably because of a major earthquake. Because Carsulae has never been rebuilt, the structures of the ancient city are well preserved. This makes the excavation of Carsulae one of the finest in Italy. A visit to the archaeological park Carsulae is therefore certainly recommended.

Distance from Podere Luchiano ca. 35 km / 40 minutes by car.

More pictures of Carsulae (video)